Why our staff at 4ITEGO Group is so important

The bottom line is that the company 4ITEGO Group supports other companies. In practice, 4ITEGO Group supports manufacturing companies in their digital transformation… and we do so in a very innovative way. 

“Specifically, we bring together people, resources and companies that excel with their deep knowledge and expertise in industrial automation and digital transformation,” says HR director Anique Brandsma. "And that leads to state-of-the-art solutions and top performance in terms of advice, software, customised implementations, support and training. We want our expertise, partnership, transparency, and flexibility to make a difference in everything we do.” 

Benelux’s best-kept secret 

For 4ITEGO Group to succeed, we obviously need a dynamic team that gives their all. “We currently have 65 people on staff compared to four years ago when it was only 20,” explained Anique Brandsma. “And going on next year, we already have some 20 open job vacancies. We expect to pass the 100 employee threshold in 2024. We really should make ourselves better known. As a colleague recently told me, we are the best-kept secret in Benelux. It’s time to change that (laughs).”

Future-proofing customers 

An engaging example of the group’s core values is sustainability. “As a partner, we want to ensure our relationships with customers and staff are sustainable by supporting them to the maximum in achieving their goals. We are committed to optimisation. For us, this means breaking down walls between different departments and ensuring the digital thread throughout the organisation remains sound. Innovation is crucial here. Together, we look at how systematic strategic innovation leads to a more efficient way of working. And this is also how we make our customers future-proof.” 

Never stand still 

“This is a really great idea for our staff. Use their expertise to help businesses and partners improve and make progress. This also creates a very strong sense of commitment. Everyone helps each other, which gives them the space to tackle even more challenging issues. Another advantage for the staff here is that they work with the very best tools and software. So, they are always at the forefront of the latest developments. Everyone working here is constantly learning. Because digital transformation never stands still. That is why we also invest heavily in staff development. For instance, we bring the team together in a workshop to discover what drives each employee personally and how that aligns with the team’s ambitions. We do so without judgement. And this shows that we start out focused on people’s talents.”

This article by Anique Brandsma appeared in Fokus, November 2022. You can read the entire magazine here.

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