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As a company passionate about innovation and sustainability, we at 4ITEGO take great pride in celebrating Sustainable Tuesday. This day not only signifies our commitment to a green and bright future but also showcases some of the most promising and sustainable innovations in the industry. This time, our spotlight is on the fantastic work being carried out by the Innoptus Solar Team.


The 10th solar car of the Innoptus Solar Team was presented on Friday 14 July. We are super proud that this new solar car gets to bear the name of our subsidiary: INFINITE!


The Innoptus Solar Team consists of Belgian Engineering students from KU Leuven who aim to build the most innovative and efficient solar car possible. This year they will be compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia with their 10th car.  But did you know these facts?


It is an annual agenda item that many members of our team look forward to: the team getaway! On the 15th and 16th of June, the time had finally come. 4ITEGO GROUP travelled to sunny Renesse, for two days of fun and teambuilding on the beach!


Earlier this year, we announced that Innoptus will be the main partner of the Belgian Solar Team for the coming years. But also our sister company Infinite commits to support the team with Ansys solutions for the coming years. We elaborate on the use of Ansys within the design of the new solar car in conversation with Cedric Verlinden, Team manager of the Innoptus Solar Team, and Adrian Baiets, account manager at Infinite.


A lot of women, all over the world, excel in technical roles. Think of engineers, software developers, technicians, mechanics… A day like International Women’s Day creates the ideal opportunity to give them a well-deserved place in the spotlight. At Innoptus, 29% of our league of legends are women and we are quite proud of that. Els, Yuqian, Cathy, and Anique share how they experience their technical job.    


The Innoptus Solar Team is a group of Belgian engineering students building the most innovative and efficient solar car. Starting in 2023, Innoptus will be the main sponsor of that team. Ine Verhaeren was able to join Innoptus as an account manager via the Solar Team. She explains why this collaboration is such a strong match.


The student team from Leuven that will compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in October will go on as Innoptus Solar Team. This marks the end of the Agoria Solar Team era. As Agoria Solar Team, the engineering students were able to achieve quite a few impressive performances in recent years. In addition to being world champions, they also became European champions twice and were able to break a world record.


Digital transformation changes how we work. Both corporations and SMEs must undergo this change. Some companies underestimate the importance of this transition and adhere to traditional work methods. In doing so, they risk immense losses when their competitor takes the digital plunge. 


COVID-19 launched hybrid work as the new normal. Hybrid work allows you to communicate and collaborate with staff working in different locations at any time. Innoptus has also embraced hybrid work. This allowed us to keep the same office space while doubling our number of employees. Previously, we usually worked at our office or the customer’s premises. Today, some of our colleagues opt to work from home, and some for practical reasons, such as travel distance. This does not usurp personal contact but is a complement to our collaboration.


Day of the Entrepreneur provides the ideal opportunity for talking to Xavier Werbrouck, CEO of 4ITEGO Group. Entrepreneurship is part of Xavier’s DNA. After graduating as an electromechanical engineer, he was keen to start work as soon as possible.


The bottom line is that the company 4ITEGO Group supports other companies. In practice, 4ITEGO Group supports manufacturing companies in their digital transformation… and we do so in a very innovative way. 


We kicked off the busy programme on Thursday afternoon with our six-monthly Business Update. Say what? Discussing objectives and growth, analysing the numbers and celebrating everyone with a work anniversary.


On 10 June 2022, 4ITEGO invited industry peers and partners to attend some fascinating inspiration sessions and to be introduced to Innoptus and Infinite. The venue was the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.


“This is so much more than a rebranding. It reinforces our collaboration and takes a new step in our further professionalisation,” said Xavier Werbrouck, CEO of 4ITEGO Group. The group is also looking for new people to sustain its rapid growth. 


What does ‘industry 4.0’ mean and how can you implement it to make your company more profitable? You can read it all in this blog post.

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