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Our group supports companies from various industries in their digital transformation. We do this, not only by ameliorating the product development, but also by accelerating the production process. Therefore, we give advice, software, implementations, support and training. We are not only operating in the Benelux, but we also provide solutions to customers from different European countries. The expertise of our experts is really an added value for your digital case.



The bigger bus manufacturers from the Benelux and builders of trailers and semi-trailers count on our pragmatic approach. Our loyal customers also include companies that are specialized in gearboxes and First Aid Suppliers. They are in need of product innovation. They want to develop their product more quickly. Often there is also a question to ameliorate the quality of the product or to make the product more cost-effective.


Aerospace and defence

Companies that are specialized in defence systems on military ships and cruise ships, shipbuilders who build submarines for the defence industry and suppliers of components for ships often ask to reconsider their business model, so that they can deliver a service instead of a product (“servicetization”). Or there can be a request to make a proactive analysis – based on concrete data – whenever parts have to be replaced.


Machinery Manufacturers

This is a very broad sector. Different builders of robots, (sorting)machines and transport systems require support during the process. Therefore, we innovate the product and we accelerate the development, with less costs. The solution depends on the type of industry. That is why we take specific standards and certificates, which are related to specific industries, into account.


Consumer Goods

This industry contains a wide range of questions regarding the final product. Not only the product has to look nice, user-friendly and efficient. Often a solution has to be found for rendering software or animation software, before the product is available on the market.


Health care

Since COVID-19 there is more interest in newer technologies. Hence Augmented Reality helps the customer to service or to assemble the product from a distance. We also succeed in delivering a product to our customer in a virtual way. In times when countries are closed because of the spread of a virus, it is very important to embrace new technologies.

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