Relive the Industrial Innovation Symposium 2023

During the Industrial Innovation Symposium - a tailer made event - enthusiasts of digital transformation got together in a classy venue to dive into the latest trends in sustainability and SaaS. Numerous fascinating keynote speakers shared their insights and knowledge on various topics. Scroll down to catch a glimpse of the Symposium.

An outstanding job! Perfect location, easy parking and very good catering.

These keynotes inspired us

Once Upon A future

Ruud Veltenaar
Trendwatcher & spectator

Sustainability and the vision from the Software Industry

Stuart Heavyside
Chief Partner Officer & Divisional Vice President - PTC

Accelerating a Sustainable Future With Simulation

Christophe Bianchi
Chief Technologist - Office of the CTO

Towards a zero carbon emissions

David Busstra
Marketing Manager Sustainability & Digitalisation - Tata Steel

How to manage change processes in a growth company

Matty Paquay
Partner in Growth - Paquay & Associates

To Excel

Gella Vandecaveye
Manager - PR & Sportconsulting

Breakouts that were exhilarating

The vision on digital transformation

Energy Transformation accelerated by Simulation

Brian Thompson
Divisional VP & General Manager CAD - PTC
Robert Winstanley
Senior Engineering Manager - Ansys

Model-Based Systems Engineering accelerated

Olaf Kath
Senior Director R&D - Ansys
Mark Lobo
Senior Vice President, General manager of PLM Segment - PTC

Energy transition, the chance of our lifetime

The Power of Bottom-Up Innovation

Martijn Dane
Stack Development Manager - Battolyser Systems
Daan Moreels
Co-founder - Magnax

Product modularisation an essential step towards a sustainable product

Thijs Schepman
Founder - Modular 5

Services: from bleeder to cash cow

Meindert Flikkema
Professor of Service Innovation Strategies - VU Amsterdam
Arno Eussen
CEO / founder - Profitable Services

SaaS transition: Why and what does it bring you as an organization

Brian Thompson
Divisional VP & General Manager CAD - PTC
Mark Lobo
Senior Vice President, General manager of PLM Segment - PTC